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Contributing Guide

Getting Started

  1. Install latest version of git-mob
    npm i -g git-mob
  2. Run tests (Uses Jest)
    npm test
    npm test -- --watch
  3. Debug extension: Press F5 in VS Code to launch the extension into a sandbox and you can place break points
  4. Debug tests: In the debug tab you can change to jest from the dropdown


This section is for maintainers with push access to git-mob-vs-code on the extension marketplace.

  1. Add release notes at and update the CHANGELOG

  2. Bump the version at the appropriate level (major, minor, patch); e.g.

    npm version patch
  3. Push the version commit and tag

    git push --follow-tags
  4. New releases need to be manually triggered Azure release pipeline

  5. Never to be used only for reference: Manually release the package

    vsce publish -p <secret key>
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