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This repository includes the basic modules for running the Lively runtime and development environment.
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Lively Kernel

Lively Kernel is a web-based runtime and development environment that makes creation of web applications much more immediate and direct. Please see for more general information about the Lively Kernel project.

For feedback, announcements and discussions, please feel invited to subscribe to our mailing list.

This repository is a fork of the Lively Kernel Webwerkstatt wiki at HPI. See this project's wiki to learn about the motivation and long-term vision for this repository.

Integration status of the master branch using Travis-CI: Build Status


To use Lively you do not have to install anything. The Lively Kernel Webwerkstatt wiki is an online wiki and development environment that can be used by everyone who wants to experiment and develop with Lively.

If you want to run your own Lively Kernel server or contribute to the core development, please see the Installation Guide.

Running the tests

Please see the Testing wiki page.


Please have a look at this wiki page for our conventions on how to work with git and github.

All code is published under the MIT license.

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