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rkt-in-rkt builder ACI
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This repository holds scripts and releases for the rkt-in-rkt builder ACI.


Building a new rkt-in-rkt builder ACI

To build the builder ACI image, first update the version variable IMG_VERSION in, and execute:

$ sudo ./

The rkt project key must be used to sign the generated image. $RKTSUBKEYID is the key ID of the rkt Yubikey. Connect the key and run gpg2 --card-status to get the ID.

The public key for GPG signing can be found at CoreOS Application Signing Key and is assumed as trusted.

$ gpg2 -u $RKTSUBKEYID'!' --armor --output rkt-builder.aci.asc --detach-sign rkt-builder.aci

Commit any changes to, and push them.

Add a signed tag:

$ GIT_COMMITTER_NAME="CoreOS Application Signing Key" GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL="" git tag -u $RKTSUBKEYID'!' -s v1.2.0 -m "rkt-builder v1.2.0"`

Push the tag to GitHub:

$ git push --tags

Building rkt-in-rkt

$ git clone
$ cd rkt
$ sudo rkt run \
    --volume src-dir,kind=host,source="$(pwd)" \
    --volume build-dir,kind=host,source="$(pwd)/release-build" \
    --interactive \


This repository consists of two scripts:

  • This script builds the rkt-in-rkt builder ACI.
  • This script is added to the rkt-in-rkt builder ACI as /scripts/, and is defined as the entrypoint.

The built rkt-in-rkt ACI declares the following volumes:

  • src-dir: Points to the directory holding the rkt source code.
  • build-dir: Points to the output directory where the build artifacts are being placed.
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