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CHANGELOG: add v1.30.0

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## 1.30.0

This release includes some small command line tweaks and adds support for CRI logging in iottymux which is required by rktlet.
It also fixes a number of bugs, adds a lot of new documentation, and updates some dependencies.

### New features

- status: added read from uuid-file ([#3860](
- stage0/run: relax '--hosts-entry' parser ([#3833](
- iottymux: store logs for kubelet in the appropriate location ([#3798]( This change is made for rktlet. iottymux will store the logs directly in the CRI format.
- rkt: add AWS auth headerer support to `rkt config` ([#3910](

### Bugfixes

- kvm: solve certain routing issues by using the same default bridge as CNI ([#3905](
- networking/portfwd: fix compare routeLocalnetValue ([#3897](
- list: add ip of non-running pods to status output ([#3857](
- stage1: execute pre-start/post-stop hooks as privileged ([#3844]( Even if we run the container as an unprivileged user.
- stage1-fly/run: allow non absolute commands to be run ([#3845](
- rkt: prevent skipping some images in image gc ([#3858](
- rkt: skip parsing in case of an empty string ([#3822]( Fix issue where `rkt app add` fails with an error message like `must give only one app`, even when only one app name is given.

### Build system

- scripts: Add libfdt to install deps ([#3834]( libfdt-dev is needed when building kernels for architectures that support a device tree.
- makelib: Fix go-find-directories symlink problem ([#3824](
- scripts: adding missing dependecies to debian dependency installer ([#3829](
- scripts/build-pkgs: use RPM file dependency for shadow tools ([#3904](

### Other changes

- Lots of [documentation updates](
- selinux: Update to latest ([#3818](
- travis: update go versions ([#3821](
- vendor: bump docker2aci to v0.17.1 ([#3835]( It fixes an image pulling bug for some images in GCR.
- Fixes all the misspell ([#3870](
- stage1/usr_from_coreos: add new image signing subkey 0638EB2F ([#3902](
- tests: Use semaphore install-package ([#3827](
- tests: Add verbose flag to ([#3819](

## 1.29.0

This release contains a number of bugfixes, new features like the ability to share the host IPC namespace, dependency updates, and build system improvements.

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