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rkt v0.15.0 is an incremental release with UX improvements, bug fixes, API service enhancements and new support for Go 1.5.

New features and UX changes

  • Images can now be deleted from the store by both ID and name (#1866). See rkt's rkt image rm documentation.
  • The journals of rkt pods can now be accessed by members of the Unix group rkt (#1877). See rkt's journalctl -M documentation.

Improved documentation

API service

  • Programs using rkt's API service are now provided with the size of the images stored in rkt's store (#1916).
  • Programs using rkt's API service are now provided with any annotations found in the image manifest and pod manifest (#1924).
  • Fix a panic in the API service by making the store database thread-safe (#1892) and by refactoring the API service functions to get the pod state (#1893).

Build improvements

  • Add support for building rkt with Go 1.5, which is now the preferred version. rkt can still be built with Go 1.4 as best effort (#1907). As part of the move to Go 1.5, rkt now has a godep-save script to support Go 1.5 (#1857).
  • Continuous Integration on Travis now builds with both Go 1.4.2 and Go 1.5.2. Go 1.4.3 is avoided to workaround recent problems with go vet (#1941).

Bug fixes

  • Fix regression issue when downloading image signatures from (#1909).
  • Properly cleanup the tap network interface that were not cleaned up in some error cases when using the kvm stage1 (#1921).
  • Fix a bug in the 9p filesystem used by the kvm stage1 that were preventing apt-get from working propertly (#1918).