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This release introduces much improved documentation and a few new features.

The highlight of this release is that Rocket can now natively run Docker images. To do this, it leverages the appc/docker2aci library which performs a straightforward conversion betwen images in the Docker format and the appc format.

A simple example:

$ rkt --insecure-skip-verify run docker://redis docker://tenstartups/redis-commander
rkt: fetching image from docker://redis
rkt: warning: signature verification has been disabled
Downloading layer: 511136ea3c5a64f264b78b5433614aec563103b4d4702f3ba7d4d2698e22c158

Note that since Docker images do not support image signature verification, the -insecure-skip-verify must be used.

Another important change in this release is that the default location for the stage1 image used by rkt run can now be set at build time, by setting the RKT_STAGE1_IMAGE environment variable when invoking the build script. (If this is not set, rkt run will continue with its previous behaviour of looking for a stage1.aci in the same directory as the binary itself. This makes it easier for distributions to package Rocket and include the stage1 wherever they choose (for example, /usr/lib/rkt/stage1.aci). For more information, see #520