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rkt 0.5.5 includes a move to cni network plugins, a number of minor bug fixes and two new experimental commands for handling images: rkt images and rkt rmimage. An example session of using these commands follows. These two new commands will once we fully settle on sub command namings #649.

$ rkt images
KEY                                 APPNAME             IMPORTTIME              LATEST
sha512-91e98d7f1679a097c878203c9659f2a26ae394656b3147963324c61fa3832f15      2015-05-01 19:20:27.511 -0400 EDT   false
sha512-782ff95658a3412b17f164a9422d88882c2417a51b06302ecefc83eab093a383 2015-05-01 19:24:10.367 -0400 EDT   false
$ rkt rmimage sha512-91e98d7f1679a097c878203c9659f2a26ae394656b3147963324c61fa3832f15
rkt: successfully removed aci for imageID: "sha512-91e98d7f1679a097c878203c9659f2a26ae394656b3147963324c61fa3832f15"
rkt: 1 image(s) successfully removed

Full changelog:

  • switched to using cni based network plugins
  • fetch images dependencies recursively when ACIs have dependent images
  • fix the progress bar used when downloading images with no content-length
  • building the initial stage1 can now be done on various versions of systemd
  • support retrying signature downloads in the case of a 202
  • remove race in doing a rkt enter
  • various documentation fixes to getting started and other guides
  • improvements to the functional testing using a new gexpect, testing for non-root apps, run context, port test, and more