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rkt 0.7.0 includes new subcommands for rkt image to manipulate images from the local store.

It also has a new build system based on autotools and integration with SELinux.

Full changelog:

  • New subcommands for rkt image: extract, render and export
  • Metadata service:
    • Auth now based on tokens
    • Registration done by default, unless --mds-register=false is passed
  • Build:
    • Remove support for Go 1.3
    • Replace build system with autoconf and make
  • Network: fixes for plugins related to mnt namespace
  • Signature: clearer error messages
  • Security:
    • Support for SELinux
    • Check signature before downloading
  • Commands: fix error messages and parameter parsing
  • Output: reduce output verbosity
  • Systemd integration: fix stop bug
  • Tests: Improve tests output