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@iaguis iaguis released this Feb 25, 2016 · 2168 commits to master since this release

This release is the first incremental release since 1.0. It includes bugfixes and some UX improvements.

New features and UX changes

  • Add support for non-numerical UID/GID as specified in the appc spec (#2159). rkt can now start apps as the user and group specified in the image manifest with three different possible formats: a numeric UID/GID, a username and group name referring to the ACI's /etc/passwd and /etc/group, or a file path in the ACI whose owner will determine the UID/GID.
  • When an application terminates with a non-zero exit status, rkt run should return that exit status (#2198). This is now fixed in the src and host flavors with systemd >= v227 but not yet in the shipped coreos flavor.
  • Use exit status 2 to report usage errors (#2149).
  • Add support for tuning pod's network via the CNI tuning plugin (#2140). For example, this allows increasing the size of the listen queue for accepting new TCP connections (net.core.somaxconn) in the rkt pod.
  • Keep $TERM from the host when entering a pod (#1962). This fixes the command "clear" which previously was not working.

Bug fixes

  • Socket activation was not working if the port on the host is different from the app port as set in the image manifest (#2137).
  • Fix an authentication failure when fetching images from private repositories in the official Docker registry (#2197).
  • Set /etc/hostname in kvm pods (#2190).
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