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@s-urbaniak s-urbaniak released this Sep 1, 2016 · 965 commits to master since this release

This release updates the coreos and kvm flavors, bringing in a newer stable systemd (v231). Several fixes and cgroups-related changes landed in api-service, and better heuristics have been introduced to avoid using overlays in non-supported environments. Finally, run-prepared now honors options for insecure/privileged pods too.

New features and UX changes

  • stage1: update to CoreOS 1151.0.0 and systemd v231 (#3122).
  • common: fall back to non-overlay with ftype=0 (#3105).
  • rkt: honor insecure-options in run-prepared (#3138).

Bug fixes

  • stage0: fix golint warnings (#3099).
  • rkt: avoid possible panic in api-server (#3111).
  • rkt/run: allow --set-env-file files with comments (#3115).
  • scripts/install-rkt: add wget as dependency (#3124).
  • scripts: Fix missing files in .deb when using (#3127).
  • tests: check for run-prepared with insecure options (#3139).

Other changes

  • seccomp/docker: update docker whitelist to include mlock (#3126). This updates the @docker/default-whitelist to include mlock-related
    syscalls (mlock, mlock2, mlockall).
  • build: add PowerPC (#2936).
  • scripts: fail install-pak on errors (#3150). When install-pak (called from fails at some point
    abort packaging.
  • api_service: Rework cgroup detection (#3072). Use the subcgroup file hint provided by some stage1s rather than
    machined registration.
  • Documentation/devel: add make images target (#3142). This introduces the possibility to generate graphivz based PNG images using
    a new images make target.
  • vendor: update appc/spec to 0.8.7 (#3143).
  • stage1/kvm: avoid writing misleading subcgroup (#3107).
  • vendor: update go-systemd to v12 (#3125).
  • scripts: bump image version (#3092). This bumps rkt-builder version to 1.0.2, in order to work with
    seccomp filtering.
  • export: test export for multi-app pods (#3075).
  • Documentation updates: (#3146, #2954, #3128, #2953, #3103, #3087, #3097, #3096, #3095, #3089)
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