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@s-urbaniak s-urbaniak released this Nov 24, 2016 · 656 commits to master since this release


This release contains additional bug fixes for the new experimental app subcommand, following the path towards the Container Runtime Interface (CRI).
It also adds first step towards OCI by introducing an internal concept called "distribution points", which will allow rkt to recognize multiple image formats internally.
Finally the rkt fly flavor gained support for rkt enter.

New features and UX changes

  • stage1/fly: Add a working rkt enter implementation (#3377).

Bug fixes:

  • tests/ fix systemd revision parameter (#3395).
  • namefetcher: Use ETag in fetchVerifiedURL() (#3374).
  • rkt/run: validates pod manifest to make sure it contains at least one app (#3363).
  • rkt/app: multiple bugfixes (#3405).

Other changes

  • glide: deduplicate cni entries and update go-systemd (#3372).
  • stage0: improve list --format behavior and flags (#3403).
  • pkg/pod: flatten the pod state if-ladders (#3404).
  • tests: adjust security tests for systemd v232 (#3401).
  • image: export ImageListEntry type for image list (#3383).
  • glide: bump gopsutil to v2.16.10 (#3400).
  • stage1: update coreos base to alpha 1235.0.0 (#3388).
  • rkt: Implement distribution points (#3369). This is the implementation of the distribution concept proposed in #2953.
  • build: add --with-stage1-systemd-revision option for src build (#3362).
  • remove isReallyNil() (#3381). This is cleanup PR, removing some reflection based code.
  • vendor: update appc/spec to 0.8.9 (#3384).
  • vendor: Remove direct k8s dependency (#3312).
  • Documentation updates: #3366, #3376, #3379, #3406, #3410.
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