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@s-urbaniak s-urbaniak released this Jan 19, 2017 · 472 commits to master since this release


This release adds a lot of bugfixes around the rkt fly flavor, garbage collection, kvm, and the sandbox. The new experimental app subcommand now follows the semantic of CRI of not quitting prematurely if apps fail or exit. Finally docker2aci received an important update fixing issues with os/arch labels which caused issues on arm architectures, a big thanks here goes to @ybubnov for this contribution.

New features

  • sandbox: don't exit if an app fails (#3478). In contrast to regular rkt run behavior, the sandbox now does not quit if all or single apps fail or exit.

Bug fixes

  • stage1: fix incorrect splitting function (#3541).
  • sandbox/app-add: fix mount targets with absolute symlink targets (#3490).
  • namefetcher: fix nil pointer dereference (#3536).
  • Bump appc/docker2aci library version to 0.15.0 (#3534). This supports the conversion of images with various os/arch labels.
  • stage1: uid shift systemd files (#3529).
  • stage1/kvm/lkvm: chown files and dirs on creation (#3485).
  • stage1/fly: record pgid and let stop fallback to it (#3523).
  • common/overlay: allow data directory name with colon character (#3505).
  • api-service: stop erroring when a pod is running (#3525).
  • stage1/fly: clear FD_CLOEXEC only once (#3521).
  • stage1: Add hostname to /etc/hosts (#3522).
  • gc: avoid erroring in race to deletion (#3515).
  • tests/rkt_stop: Wait for 'stop' command to complete (#3518).
  • pkg/pod: avoid nil panic for missing pods (#3514).

Other changes

  • stage1: move more logic out of AppUnit (#3496).
  • tests: use appc schema instead of string templates (#3520).
  • stage1: kvm: Update kernel to 4.9.2 (#3530).
  • stage1: remount entire subcgroup r/w, instead of each knob (#3494).
  • tests: update AWS CI setup (#3509).
  • pkg/fileutil: helper function to get major, minor numbers of a device file (#3500).
  • pkg/log: correctly handle var-arg printf params (#3516).
  • Documentation/stop: describe --uuid-file option (#3511).
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