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This minor release contains bugfixes and other improvements. It also adds better support for the arm architecture to rkt, so that you can now fetch images via autodiscovery and have the correct seccomp whitelist to run them. Also notable is the new possibilty to pass extra kernel parameters to kvm, and last but not least a significant prepare/run speedup in stage0. This also introduces stricter validation on volume names, now rejecting duplicate ones.

New Features

  • stage1: improve duplicate mount-volume detection (#3666). Breaking change: volumes with duplicate names are now rejected.
  • stage0/{run,prepare}: remove ondisk verification (#3623). For backwards compatibility, specifying 'insecure-options=ondisk' will still run without error, however it will also not do anything.
  • kvm/qemu: add extra kernel parameters (#3644).


  • seccomp: add arch-specific syscalls on ARM (#3636).
  • fetch: use proper appc os/arch labels (#3621).
  • tests/caps: skip if overlayfs support is missing (#3670).
  • build/stage1: transfer user xattr data (#3665).
  • stage1: include <sys/sysmacros.h> for makedev function (#3604).

Other changes

  • Add code of conduct (#3661). Required by CNCF.
  • rkt list|status: app state info (i.e. exit codes) in --format=json (#3638).
  • Documentation: added production-users and integrations pages (#3602).
  • Documentation: add mesos to integrations (#3624).
  • Documentation: add container linux and tectonic as production users (#3618).
  • Documentation: add Gentoo to the list of distributions that have rkt (#3613).
  • Documentation: add some individual blog posts (#3611).
  • Documentation: cleanup stage1 stuff (#3612).
  • dist: use multi-user.target instead of default.target (#3620).
  • scripts: update rkt-builder version (#3595).