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@squeed squeed released this Jun 19, 2017 · 305 commits to master since this release

This minor release contains bugfixes, along with improvements related to the tests and the documentation.

New Features

  • stage1/kvm: add arm64 build (#3690).


  • stage0: list|status --format=json panics: RuntimeApp.Mounts.AppVolume is optional (#3699). When it is nil, the Volume info at the Pod level (with the same name) should be used. Without this patch rkt list --format=json panics on a nil pointer when Apps reference Volumes from the Pod level.
  • imagestore: Fix sql resource leaks (#3682). When using sql queries the rows iterator needs to be closed if the entire query result is not iterated over. Failure to close the iterator results in resource leakage.

Other changes

  • networking: change the default-restricted subnet (#3718). Previously, we were using 172.17/16, which conflicts with the default
    Docker networking. Change it to 172.31/16.
  • scripts/pkg: improved detection of active mounts (#3710). On systems which have /var/lib/rkt as a separate partition, the active mount detection in before-remove needs to not get confused by the presence of /var/lib/rkt itself as a mount. Therefore a longer path is used for active mount detection.
  • stage1/usr_from_coreos: add new image signing sub-key EF4B4ED9 (#3686). See coreos/init#236.
  • scripts: skip nonexistent stage1 images when packaging (#3687). Not all builds will generate all stage1 images. It depends on what ./configure flags (--with-stage1-flavors) were used.
  • tests: Only run race test on supported arch (#3684). Fixes build errors like these when run on non amd64 machines:
  • functional test: Fix manifest arch error (#3681). The manifest contains values for the ACI arch and OS, not the go language values.
  • Documentation updates: #3680, #3679, #3700, #3709
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