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@lucab lucab released this Jul 28, 2017 · 266 commits to master since this release

This release contains changes to the behavior of rkt run, rkt status, and rkt fly to make them more consistent. Two of them need particular attention:

  • rkt status can now omit the pid field when non-existent. Use --wait[-ready] to ensure a pid will be available.
  • the default[-restricted] network is not added by default when a custom network is specified with --net.

There are also some improvements on documentation and tests working on arm64.

New features and UX changes

  • stage0/status: fix failure when systemd never runs in stage1 (#3713). This changes the behavior of rkt status when a PID is not available: instead of crashing, it will now omit the pid field. Users that need to read the PID shortly after an invocation of rkt run should now use the --wait[-ready] flag explicitly.
  • BREAKING network: do not automatically add default* networks when custom ones are specified (#3685).
  • stage1/fly: preserve environment between run and enter (#3712). Fly run now writes the app env file, and fly enter reads it.
  • stage1/fly: make run/enter honour uid/gid/suppGids (#3717). Refactored common functionality out of run.


  • stage1/init/units: keep journald running while apps are shutting down (#3726). This prevents a race when apps are writing to their stdout/err (and output is being sent to stage1's journal) while shutting down. If journald terminates before the apps finish shutting down, their output will be lost.
  • tests: get functional tests working on arm64 (#3737). Various arch fixups to get make check with a coreos stage1 working on arm64 machines.
  • Fix --user --group on arm64 (#3736). Fixes issue #3714 (rkt run --user fails on arm64).

Other changes

  • docs: update CLI flags in (#3748). Also added rkt-run options present in rkt 1.27.0 but not present in the markdown. The entries in markdown have been sorted.
  • tests/net: skip TestNetCustomBridge on semaphore (#3740). Reference #3739
  • doc: mention external stage1s (#3723). This was discussed on:
    #3645 (comment)
  • rkt/pubkeys: print debug logs on discovery errors (#3705). This reorders log-printing and error-returning when pubkeys discovery
    fails, in order to print useful debugging information on error.
  • docs: correct rkt pronunciation (#3674). rkt has an icon of a rocket but previously the official pronunciation was "rock-it" which is incompatible with the logo. This change fixes that.
  • stage0: fix message formatting errors, stale forward-vars (#3722).
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