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Steps to install ROMImate: (These instructions are only tested on Mac Yosemite)

(In case you decided to run mongo on different port, you will have to change port configuration. Following standard Node.js-Express.js instructions to change db configuration.) It is recommended to install a visual client of MongoDB for easy operation. For me Robomongo ( ) worked well.

**a. pymongo ( ) **b. pandas( ) **c. statsmodels ( )

Clone ROMImate from GitHub :

Once you complete all these installations:

** Start mongoDB ** Switch to cloned ROMImate folder “mediamixmodeling” from command prompt. ** => To run report interface go to"/reportinsterface/mmmdash" folder and run $npm start # Your report interface should be accessible at ** => To run regression analysis engine – go to “~anaysisEngines/” folder and run $python3 # this service is configured to run at port 8000. It will be silently serving the request of report interface to generate model from sample data.

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