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package io.graphqlfederation.planetservice.service
import com.fasterxml.jackson.core.type.TypeReference
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper
import io.graphqlfederation.planetservice.web.dto.GraphQLRequest
import io.graphqlfederation.planetservice.web.dto.GraphQLResponse
import io.micronaut.context.annotation.Property
import okhttp3.HttpUrl.Companion.toHttpUrl
import okhttp3.MediaType.Companion.toMediaType
import okhttp3.OkHttpClient
import okhttp3.Request
import okhttp3.RequestBody.Companion.toRequestBody
import javax.inject.Singleton
class GraphQLClient(
private val objectMapper: ObjectMapper,
@Property(name = "micronaut.server.port")
private val port: Int
) {
private val httpClient = OkHttpClient()
private val json = "application/json".toMediaType()
private val url by lazy { "http://localhost:$port/graphql" }
fun <T> sendRequest(query: String, responseType: TypeReference<T>): T = sendRequest(query, null, null, responseType)
fun <T> sendRequest(query: String, variables: Map<String, Any>?, operationName: String?, responseType: TypeReference<T>): T {
val httpUrl = url.toHttpUrl().newBuilder().build()
val requestBodyAsString = objectMapper.writeValueAsString(GraphQLRequest(query, variables, operationName)).toRequestBody(json)
val request = Request.Builder()
val response = httpClient.newCall(request).execute().also {
if (it.code != 200) throw RuntimeException("Request failed: HTTP status code is ${it.code}, message=${it.message}")
val responseData: Map<String, Any?> = objectMapper
.also { gqlResponse ->
gqlResponse.errors?.let { errors ->
throw RuntimeException("Exception during execution of GraphQL query/mutation: ${ { it.message + "\n" }}")
.let { nullableData -> nullableData ?: throw RuntimeException("Data should not be null because there were no errors") }
val payload = when (responseData.size) {
0 -> throw RuntimeException("No data in graphQL response")
1 -> responseData.values.first()
// this is a case when multiple queries are included in a request. you can try to implement it by yourself
else -> throw RuntimeException("Not implemented")
return objectMapper.convertValue(payload, responseType)
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