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Psimulator is a graphical linux and cisco network simulator created for education purposes - learning IP networks basics.

It allows to build virtual network consisting of linux PCs, basic cisco routers and simple switches. Virtual networks can be easily and quickly created in a graphical user interface. Network devices are configured via command line over telnet. A telnet client is included in the GUI, other clients (putty, linux telnet) can be used as well. The GUI is designed to capture and display packets in the virtual network (like Wireshark). A virtual network can be connected to a real network.

Psimulator was developed at the Czech technical university in Prague, Faculty of Information Technology, and it is used for computer network learning. it is a multiplatform application written in Java (version 7).

Authors of the original psimulator are Václav Mach ( and Michal Horáček (

This version is a fork from the discontinued project at and is maintained by Roland Kuebert (