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Browse manpages inside ncurses. Jump around to other man pages


$ gem install mancurses


Use Alt-c to enter program name to search such as "grep", "strcmp" etc. Use "/" to search for strings within the page displayed.

Use '?' to see bindings.


This gem is not really gonna make much difference to you. It's faster to just type man grep on the command line and 'q' to get out. It's not like you keep manning pages one after another.

I am writing this to test out a new text widget which uses a pad. I hope to replace the current text widgets such as textview and list and maybe tabular and tree in rbcurse-core with this.

Currently, using a window requires a lot of work each time one scrolls around. Too much string creation , truncation, sanitizing and gc going on repeatedly. Using a pad simplifies all this.

However, pad is not without its issues. If I have two pads on the screen, and a popup is displayed, then a black rectangle is left on the other pad. I would have to tab there and scroll for a prefresh to happen. Otherwise, the app needs to do some book-keeping of underlying pads created and refresh them when a messagebox or window closes.

If i cannot manage that reliably, then i cannot include this in the main rbcurse-core.


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