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** Working on 1.9.3 **

Contains additional widgets for the rbcurse ncurses toolkit. rbcurse helps to easily build ncurses application for text terminals.

rbcurse-extras contains either more complex widgets or less common ones that may be helpful in some applications.

Some less frequently used widgets:

  • horizlist - a horizontal scrollable list like what I've seen on vim sometimes

  • menutree - menu inspired by the most program. Core replaces this, i think.

The following allow you to put multiple objects in one container and cycle them.

  • rmulticontainer

  • rmultitextview


  • rmultisplit - column browse pattern, like OSX's directory. As many lists in one widget, can see as many as you want, and tab through them. Scrolls lists as you tab.

  • rpopupmenu - Similar to menu, but pops up on form, like Ctrl-click on browser

  • rvimsplit - replacement of splitpane, allows placement of widgets in one container, inspired by vim's splits

The following have been in rbcurse since version 1 or so, but removed to extras to keep core as simple and robust as possible. core contains simpler versions of the same. Avoid using them if you can use their core counterparts.

  • multilinelabel - the original Label. Removed from core, to keep core simple.

  • rcomboedit - the original editable combo from core. Again, moved here to keep core simple.

  • rlistbox - the original editable list.

  • rtable - the original editable table. Pretty complex piece of code based on Java's Jtable, I don't want this in core, use only if really required.


rbcurse-extras will not be as stable as core. It will change more frequently. Stuff from experimental may move here.

See also


gem install rbcurse-extras # the core, and extra stuff

To install everything:

gem install rbcurse # the core, extra and experimental stuff


Same as ruby license.

(c) copyright rkumar, 2008-2011.