yet another simple, cute todo list manager (CLI command-line)
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An unbelievably complex, multi-level command-line todo list manager.
Based on bash.

"I wrote this script as a way of not completing another, more pressing task."



"An unbelievably useless and ridiculous piece of ****!"

"A Todo-list on steroids"

"I'll never use another todo-list manager ever again."

"This software blew my pants off!!!!"

"Downright frivolous."


Under GNU GPL License

Written by rkumar.


Usage: [--project PROJECT] [--component COMP] [--priority A-Z] add TASK#

** Actions:** add [suboptions] add "todo item" add suboptions: -P | --project add project name to item -C | --component add component or context name to item -p | --priority add priority to item

delete delete TASK# Deletes item and child items --force does not prompt user

mark | status TASK# Change the state of the given item to state - one of start,close, unstarted, pend, hold, next --recursive changes state of subtasks without prompting

list [search-terms] Listing of tasks list sub-options: --no-colors - don't show colors --colors - show colors (default) --color-scheme priority - show priorities in separate colors (default) --color-scheme status - show statuses in separate colors --sort-serial - sorts on task id rather than priority --hide-completed - do not list completed tasks --show-all - show all tasks (default) -P | --project - show for this project only -C | --component - show for this component only -p | --priority - show for this priority examples: -p any, -p A, -p AB, -p A-C, -p ^A --hide-numbering - do not show numbers on left --renumber - numbers top level tasks after sorting (these are temporary numbers)

addsub TASK# [args] addsub TASK# text Add a subtask to the given item/subtask with given text addsub last text Adds text as a subtask under highest task (useful when adding from script)

renumber TASK# TASK# Renumber a top level task to another (empty/deleted) number (e.g renumber 24 12)

redo Renumber the entire file starting 1. This is useful if you have been using the todo file for a long time, and you now have high numbers.

copyunder | cu TASK# TASK# Copy an existing task as a subtask of another (or same) task. This does not work recursively.

edit TASK# Edit the text of a task in EDITOR.

tag TASK# Add a keyword or tag to a task

archive move closed tasks to archive.txt archive TASK# ... archive the given tasks to archive.txt

note TASK# add a note to a task. This could be what you actually did.

clo|close shortcut to close a task sta|start shortcut to start a task

Other options: -d : name of directory to work in Useful to create aliases for other directories

Other settings:

DEFAULT_ACTION : action to run, if none mentioned. default is 'list'.

Note: the end of will contain the latest actions and options that may not have been updated here.





Copy the 3 .sh files to a folder in your path, and run If you've pressed the download button on git, the tar should contain a makefile along with a tests directory. You can run make test and run the 80+ tests.