Perl scripts for importing Amazing data into MySQL databases.
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Amazon Data Processing Scripts

A set of perl scripts for importing Amazon data into MySQL databases, and performing a number of calculations on that data.

Dataset: Amazon Product Review Data (more than 5.8 million reviews)

Used in (Jindal and Liu, WWW-2007, WSDM-2008; Lim et al, CIKM-2010; Jindal, Liu and Lim, CIKM-2010; Mukherjee et al. WWW-2011; Mukherjee, Liu and Glance, WWW-2012) for opinion spam (fake review) detection. You can also use it for sentiment analysis. It has information about reviewers, review texts, ratings, product info, etc. Due to the large file size, you may need to use Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) to download. If you use this data, please cite (Jindal and Liu, WSDM-2008).

-- Opinion Mining, Sentiment Analysis, and Opinion Spam Detection