Android app to access CWorkLog through the online API
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Android app to access CWorkLog. Created using the PhoneGap/Cordova toolkit.


These instructions cover building the debug version which is signed by debug keys.

Create directory android/assets and symlink www directory into it so that you have the directory android/assets/www:

mkdir android/assets
ln -sf ../../www android/assets/www

Create file android/ This file depends on the local machine and is not meant to be added in the git. In the file, add:

sdk.dir=<your android sdk location>

Make sure that you have the ant build tool with version >= 1.8 installed. Particulary, the ant command on the terminal should work.

Go to directory android and build the debug version:

ant debug

If all goes well, it will say BUILD SUCCESSFUL at the end. The .apk package will be placed into the android/bin folder. You can also use various other build commands. Run ant -p to see the list of build/deploy targets. The build system uses the default Android build file which android/build.xml just wraps.


MIT License, see the LICENSE file.