Simple Bash script to check whether multiple sites are online
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Script to monitor a number of sites. For each URL it checks whether the status code is 200. Built using curl.

The script allows to periodically monitor the list of sites. The result is logged into a log file.


adduser sitecheck
mkdir /opt/sitecheck
chown sitecheck:sitecheck /opt/sitecheck
cd /opt/sitecheck
su sitecheck
touch sites.txt
touch sites.log

Then copy to /opt/sitecheck and use chmod +x /opt/sitecheck/ to make it executable.


Add crontab entry to run monitoring every 5 minutes:

*/5 * * * * /opt/sitecheck/

Add entries to /opt/sitecheck/sites.txt. Each line is single URL.


The MIT license. See LICENSE file.