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Note: This project is deprecated as Valve now prodives a C ABI wrapper built into steam_api.dll.

CSteamworks is a C ABI Wrapper for Valve's Steamworks API. It relys heavily on automatic code generation. The primary use case for CSteamworks is to act as a buffer between a scripting language and the Steamworks C++ Interfaces.

Support via Paypal


To use CSteamworks you must be a Steamworks developer.

  • Download the Latest Steamworks SDK from the Steamworks Partner site.
  • Copy redistibutable_bin/ over from the Steamworks SDK into the root of this folder.
  • Copy the steam/ folder located in public/ over from the Steamworks SDK into the root of this folder.
  • Run which will generate the bindings into wrapper/
  • Use the Makefile/Project files in build/ to compile the dynamic libraries.


  • CSteamworks does not currently support ISteamAppTicket or ISteamGameCoordinator as they do not provide a global interface.