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R-Ladies Chicago Blog

R-Ladies Chicago is excited to start this blog to showcase the perspectives of different members in the R-Ladies Chicago community!

We are looking for individuals who are interested in contributing to this blog. Whether you just want to write a single blog post or contribute regularly, we want to hear from you!


Anyone, regardless of experience with R or with R-Ladies Chicago is welcome to contribute to this blog. The only eligibility criteria is that contributors must identify as female or non-binary. Because this blog is intended for the same audience as R-Ladies Chicago Meetups, we recommend that you gear your blog posts towards this audience.


Email letting us know you are interested in contributing to the blog.

The .Rmd file in this repo is our blog post template. The use of this template is optional; however, if your blog post requires special formatting, please use this when submitting a blog post. If you opt not to use this template and prefer to submit a word document or plain text, please be sure to include the requested information in the template.

Types of Blog Posts

Potential blog posts could include (but is not limited to):

Event Recaps

  • Write about your experience attending an R-Ladies Meetup, Study Group Meeting, or Random Acts of Coffee
  • Write about an R-related conference/event (e.g. an R conference, a speaker came to your institution/organization and talked about using R, if you attended a workshop/hackathon, an R user group meeting, etc.)

Learning R

  • Show us your process for learning something new in R!
  • Some topics could include:
    • Creating a function
    • Learning a specific type of visualization (i.e. violin plots)
    • Playing around with a Kaggle data set
    • An R-hack
    • A package you’ve been using

We want to showcase different R tips and learning at all levels -- anything is worth learning and writing about (no matter how seemingly small)

Member Profiles

  • We want to spotlight the wonderful members of the R-Ladies Chicago community!

  • Answer some questions about yourself and how you use R for an interview-style blog post:

  • Questions could include:

    • Job Title/Organization
    • What do you use R for?
    • Favorite package or R pun?
    • When did you start learning R? And how?
    • Do you have a favorite R or R-Ladies moment/meetup?
    • Any fun facts or hobbies?
    • What do you want to get out of R-Ladies?


    All blog content CC BY-NC 4.0


Information to contribute to our website's blog and event calendar



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