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R-Ladies Lausanne

Founded in November 2017.

Upcoming events

See here.


R-Ladies lives through its participants. We ALWAYS need speakers for meetups! Please get in touch with us at

Further information

Current organisers are: Liza Darrous and Ninon Mounier.
Inactive organizers are: Andrea Komljenovic, Sarvenaz Choobdar and Sina Rüeger.

You can contact us via

Checkout our webpage.

Checkout our Meetup page.

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Or subscribe to our Newsletter.

Code of Conduct

We follow the Code of Conduct and encourage participants to read Rules & Guidelines of R-Ladies.


Q: I'm not a frequent R user, and I'm afraid I won't understand the presentations.

A: No worries! Our meetups are open to people from all levels and also aim for networking. We also encourage to ask questions if something is not clear.

Q: I'm a guy, and it seems this meetup is only for women.

A: This group is mainly aimed at minority genders (including but not limited to cis/trans women, trans men, non-binary, genderqueer, agender) but is open to all that agree to the CoC. However, leadership roles remain reserved for minority genders.