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Presentation and code for dplyr training for R-Ladies Auckland and London in 2018.

This is a hands-on workshop that takes 1.5-2 hours.

The material is heavily taken from R-Ladies Austin's R4DS dplyr sessions and also from Hadley Wickham's scoped variables tutorial.



Blurb for the sessions:

Dive into dplyr

Data is seldom already in a tidy format for you to start analysis on straight away. My personal experience confirms that about 80% of the analytics work-flow is massaging and crunching data into a useful state. R is a master of analytics and modelling which would be useless without its strong data manipulation functionality, especially from the tidyverse package dplyr. In this session we will learn the main verbs of dplyr and link them together with the magrittr pipe to create new data sets and get insight from our data. Then we will take a look at the verb extensions and other package functionality.

What to bring

The session will be hands on so bring your own laptop with dplyr installed (examples will be based on in-build data sets). If you don't have the set-up, come along anyway to learn about this famous package.

This meetup will be aimed at all R abilities.