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Make a new package and publish to rubygems #5

sebbacon opened this Issue · 9 comments

5 participants

Seb Bacon Rich Lane Johannes Fahrenkrug Jacob Rask Olly Betts
Seb Bacon

Hi @rlane. Do you think you could push a new version to

I need the recent merges that supports building on Ubuntu for my project. I'm using bundler, and it turns out if I use a refspec pointing to the git repo in my Gemfile, that bundler (apparently) always recompiles and reinstalls the extension, even if it's already installed (see this discussion.

So it would be very helpful if you could bump the version and push to


Rich Lane

It's a little more complicated than that. IIRC building the extension fails with newer versions of Xapian. Are you interested in taking this on?

Seb Bacon

Well, I just tried compiling with xapian 1.2.9 on Ubuntu 11.10 and it worked fine with very minor changes.

However, I'm not sure how to test this sufficiently to call it ready for a release. I can check it on Debian Squeeze easily enough.

Seb Bacon

I am currently deploying 1.2.9 off my fork and it seems OK -- informally tested with Debian and Ubuntu (just on peoples' development machines, not used in production).

Seb Bacon

Hi - it would be very useful if you could publish the latest to rubygems - thanks!

Seb Bacon

@jfahrenkrug In the mean time, I've uploaded it to rubygems under a different name:

Johannes Fahrenkrug

@sebbacon Very cool, thank you!

Jacob Rask

I'm trying to install a gem that depends on xapian-full, so using another gem doesn't work. Any progress on updating the main gem?

Olly Betts

I've noticed that there are now three gems of Xapian's ruby bindings, all of them also containing a copy of xapian-core:

  • xapian-ruby
  • xapian-full
  • xapian-full-alaveteli (as noted above, a fork of xapian-full)

It's certainly great to see so much enthusiasm for Xapian in the ruby gems community!

The xapian-ruby gem is being kept up to date fairly regularly (2-3 updates a year), whereas the other two are both several years out of date now.

Perhaps the other two should just be deprecated in favour of xapian-ruby?

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