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sudo npm install jstestdriver -g

Make sure to install globally so you can use it from the command-line

Start test server

jstestdriver start

This will assume ./jsTestDriver.conf exists. To specify a different configuration file use the --config flag

jstestdriver start --config path/to/config

Stop the server

jstestdriver stop

Run tests

jstestdriver run

By default this will run all the tests. To specify specific test suites use the --tests flag.

jstestdriver run --tests TestSuite

Run commands

If you omit the start, stop, and run keywords then it will default to the standard jar file allowing you to perform any native commands. e.g.

jstestdriver --port 9876 --browser firefoxpath

This can be done after any of the above commands as well. e.g.

jstestdriver run --runnerMode DEBUG