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My Emacs Conf

My Emacs conf based on Emacs Prelude.


  • It requires Emacs 24 or higher.

How it looks like

how it looks like

How to install

To install, clone this repo to ~/.emacs.d, i.e. ensure that the init.el contained in this repo ends up at ~/.emacs.d/init.el:

git clone ~/.emacs.d

Update all bundled packages

Just run M-x package-list-packages RET U x.



Keybinding Description
M-c Capitalize a word (position your cursor before the word).
M-C Capitalize a region (position your cursor after region).
M-l Make a word lowercase (position your cursor before the word).
M-L Make a region lowercase (position your cursor after region).
M-u Make a word uppercase (position your cursor before the word).
M-U Make a region uppercase (position your cursor after region).
M-; Comment/uncomment selected lines or the current line.
C-+ Increase font size (text-scale-increase).
C-- Decrease font size (text-scale-decrease).
C-c a Align vertically a region by a regex.
C-c left Switch the focus to visible buffer at the left side.
C-c up Switch the focus to visible buffer at the up side.
C-c right Switch the focus to visible buffer at the right side.
C-c down Switch the focus to visible buffer at the down side.
C-c n Create a new buffer.
C-c r Replace all occurrences of a string in the current buffer.
C-i Indent a line or a region.
C-l Go to line number (goto-line).
C-s Current buffer incremental find.
C-c C-s Current buffer incremental find defined by marked (selected) text.
C-S-s Find for a term in all files of current directory.
C-x f Find files in the current directory (fiplr).
C-S-r Edit a grep buffer and apply changes to all files (AKA Find all files and replace).
M-up Move the current line or region up.
M-down Move the current line or region down.
F5 Refresh the file explorer (sr-bspeedbar).
F6 Open/Close the file explorer (sr-bspeedbar).
F8 Run the current file(buffer) (ex: file.rb is going to run ruby interpreter).
F9 Open an interactive shell into current buffer (shell).

iTerm2 meta arrow keybindings

profile key bindings under iTerm2 and add bindings for the following:

M-up      : Esc-[1;4A
M-down    : Esc-[1;4B
M-right   : Esc-[1;4C
M-left    : Esc-[1;4D]]]]


For JS mode, you'll need to install the following npm packages:

npm install -g jslint
npm install -g jslint

Reload the config without exiting Emacs

If you change any file you can reload all the configuration without exiting emacs just typing:

M-x reload-config RET


-Rodrigo Lazoti