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Actual TODOs

  • Ask the ScalaTest experts about ScalaTestBridge

  • Fix classpath entries, they are absolute path entries at the moment!

  • Is the examples accessible in any binary build? That way we should'nt need duplicate example code in the tests.

  • Handle Scope objects:

    // we need to extend Scope to be used as an Example body trait system extends Scope { val string = "Hey you" } case class system2() { val string = "Hey you" def e1 = string must have size(7) }

  • Testing Spec2Finder could be done with Spec1FinderSuite, but probably there will be a better way to do that... hopefully (I'm not sure if I can link AST and Spec2 directly)

Things to read/watch

Features I miss

  • Unimplemented method declaration for Ctrl + Space
  • Companion objects: show apply() signature parameters
  • Correct Organize Imports

Scala stuff I found confusing first

  • No type definition: Without the IDE, source is unreadable
  • Everything is changing quickly, builds are volatile and shatter quickly (scala, sbt version-pending builds)
  • Mixing 4 build tools (sbt/ivy/mvn/tychoo)

Incomplete features

  • That "Fold Stack Trace" buttion on the View: what should it do?
  • Error reporting: e.g., "a" must be_==("b") doesn't write the output on the View

Specs2 typos

Result.scala, line 288: "detailled"

Code Coverage