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#ifndef SERVER_H
#define SERVER_H
#include <string.h>
#define CONFIRM ("success")
#define KEYPAD_SETUP (2)
#define LOCK_SETUP (2)
#define LOCK_SEND_REQUEST ("ready to receive")
#define PORT 9996
struct keypad {
std::string my_uid;
std::string lock_uid;
int socket_num;
sockaddr_in keypad_addr;
struct lock {
std::string my_uid;
std::string device_code;
int socket_num;
sockaddr_in lock_addr;
void create_connection(int &server_fd, const int &opt, sockaddr_in &address);
void bind_socket(int &server_fd, sockaddr_in &address);
void accept_connections(int &server_fd, sockaddr_in &address);
void keypad_thread(keypad new_keypad);
void create_keypad_connection(int socket_value);
void create_lock_connection(int socket_value);
void web_interface_thread(int socket_value);
void add_light_to_map(int socket_value);
void send_to_switch(char *buffer);
void lock_interaction(keypad lock_controller, char *input_code);
#endif /* SERVER_H */
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