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There has been a few major changes to this script. If you do not have the latest version (or you are unsure) it is highly recommended you install it from here.

The goal of this project was to gain more space on the sidebar of the StackExchange Chat System for user stars to be displayed.

The User List is moved to a auto-hide bar in the top left of the chat. When the user scrolls to the top of the chat window the bar will slide to the left to display your history and transcript buttons.

The 'stick' button (does not appear in the screenshots) when enabled will keep the top bar open, 'unstick' will resume the auto-hide functionality. Note: Stick option is remembered per-domain for 14 days in your browsers Cookies

Some Screen Shots

screenie one

mouseover the visible part of the UpBar to display the user list for the room

screenie one

click here to install