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from ..base import Base
from ..const import API_PATH
import time
class Status(Base):
""" A class for the current market status. """
def __init__(self):
self._path = API_PATH['clock']
self._payload = ''
self._data = self._api_response(endpoint=self._endpoint,
def _parse_response(self, attribute, **config):
# returns the data from the API response in a dictionary for, {symbol0: data0, symbol1: data1, symbol2: data2}
# overrides from Base super since response must be a dictionary
if 'update' in list(config.keys()) and config['update'] is False:
# update the data if the `update` parameter is true
self.update_data() # updates by default, user must specify to not update from the API
return self._data['clock'][attribute]
def date(self, **config):
""" An ISO representation of the date in YYYY-MM-DD. """
return self._parse_response('date', **config)
def desc(self, **config):
""" A short description of the market status. """
return self._parse_response('description', **config)
def next_change(self, **config):
""" Returns the time of next state change. """
return self._parse_response('next_change', **config)
def next_state(self, **config):
""" Returns the next state of the market (i.e. premarket, postmarket, etc.) """
return self._parse_response('next_state', **config)
def state(self, **config):
""" Returns the current state of the market. """
return self._parse_response('state', **config)
def timestamp(self, **config): # returns the timestamp of the last check
""" Returns the timestamp of the status update.
The default style is Unix Epoch time, though using ``style='pretty'`` returns the time in ``YYYY-MM-DD H:M:S``
response = self._parse_response('timestamp', **config)
if 'style' in list(config.keys()):
# user has specified style of time response
if config['style'] is 'epoch':
return response # API returns Unix epoch by default, so return raw response time value
if config['style'] is 'pretty': # useful for displaying the timestamp
return time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S', time.gmtime(response))
return response
""" """
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