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Here are some ideas (en vrac) that makes pml2 what it is.
- Sub-typing without cohercion
- Pure-terms as objects of the logic
- Termination checker integrated to the system (also at the level of
the model)
- inductive and coinductive and mixing both supported in a uniform way
(termination checks the wellfoundedness of proofs)
- extensible records
- polymorphic variants
- reasonning on equivalence of programs with the restriction
connectives in types
- membership connectives (aka singleton types) to encode dependent
- call-by-value (and its realizability model)
- classical logic with lambda-mu (like call-cc) (pb with the above
solved by the property below)
- [A]^^ inter V = [A] as main property of the model thanks to delta
- proof in pml looks nice
- higher or types like o => o inhabited my "macros"
- programs as proofs paradigm as opposed to proof as programs
- proofs are programs with all leafs unreachable ... so proof are dead
code dans call to lemma in program can be removed at compile time
- we face undecidability, but only subtyping may loop => error messages
as usual and fixed when PML loop
- surcharge et sous-typage ensemble (truc qui ne marchait pas dans PML1)