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To install subml, you will need OCaml >= 4.03 with:

Obtaining the dependencies with opam:

opam switch 4.06 # or whatever version >= 4.03
opam install ocamlbuild ocamlfind bindlib.5.0.1 earley.2.0.0


make install # optional

Running the program

Run the command subml (or ./subml.native if you did not install) Type subml lib/nat.typ to load the file lib/nat.typ.

Note: you must run the program in the main directory (where the lib directory is accessible) if you did not install subml.


Editor support

Vim (or Neovim)

Just use the install_vim target.

make install_vim

Note: the syntax coloring and automatic format detection for .typ files is user-specific by default. Files are installed under $HOME/.vim in the standard way.


Just use the install_emacs target.

make install_emacs

Note: the mode is installed under the standard share/emacs/site-lisp folder, according the the $PREFIX.