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@cpence cpence Update wiki docs. 5b0a998
@cpence cpence No longer need ansible-git. 0b0ebf1
@cpence cpence Created Rake Tasks (markdown) 7d2cbd8
@cpence cpence Updated Home (markdown) 7990bbc
@cpence cpence Updated Contributing Translations (markdown) 1b9f114
@cpence cpence Updated Contributing Translations (markdown) b877d67
@cpence cpence Updated Contributing Translations (markdown) ddc0bed
@cpence cpence Updated Contributing Translations (markdown) 7835c22
@cpence cpence Updated Code Metrics (markdown) c33948e
@cpence cpence Updated Code Metrics (markdown) 04d71fb
@cpence cpence Update to indicate that we've moved the Ansible scripts to another repo. 2e6636f
@cpence cpence Add documentation line about the Redis server. 63c9a03
@cpence cpence Update installation and deployment documentation. a38259b
@cpence cpence Fix page name. 48aa7bd
@cpence cpence Updated Sample document (markdown) 7984c7e
@cpence cpence Created Sample document (markdown) 5482848
@cpence cpence Updated Home (markdown) d06a83c
@cpence cpence Document the stop words. Closes #28. 97514aa
@cpence cpence Updated Code Metrics (markdown) 2ddb60d
@cpence cpence Updated Code Metrics (markdown) ad7fad7
@cpence cpence Created Code Metrics (markdown) 356925d
@cpence cpence Updated Home (markdown) 8589461
@cpence cpence Updated Contributing Translations (markdown) 490c1cf
@cpence cpence Updated Installation and Deployment (markdown) e2576d2
@cpence cpence Updated Installation and Deployment (markdown) a8bb367
@cpence cpence Updated Installation and Deployment (markdown) 29e7cc6
@cpence cpence Updated Home (markdown) a1f342c
@cpence cpence Remove obsolete testing page. ba6943e
@cpence cpence Updated Installation and Deployment (markdown) a880cc2
@cpence cpence Updated Installation and Deployment (markdown) 7c39c5e
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