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Kubernetes configuration and application deployment (ASP.NET Core)
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Kubernetes in Azure (AKS) - Configuration and Application service deployment

What's included:

  • Blog post:
  • aspnetapp - .NET Core application
  • aspnetapp/dockerfile - builds docker image with aspnetapp
  • ns1 and ns2 folders are related to K8S namespaces and include scripts
  • - K8S authentication (grants AKS access to ACR)
  • k8s_config.ps1 - PowerShell commands to set AKS cluster
  • sa.yaml - manifest file to configure AKS cluster and namespaces

Where to use:

  • as a part of CI/CD pipelines (Azure DevOps, for example)
  • manual deployment (kubectl/azure cli/powershell)

Azure DevOps workflow

  • Builds and pushes docker image to Azure Container Registry
  • Configures Kubernetes Namespaces (limits, scale options and etc.)
  • Creates a new deployment and sets anti-affinity for pods
  • Sets Network Policies (traffic between NS and from PODs)
  • Adds service accounts on Namespace and Cluster levels
  • Creates a service and publishes it

Azure DevOps Pipeline


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