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Template files for submissions to the Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

This repository contains new LaTeX and Microsoft Word template files for submissions to the Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, to be used starting with the 2019 conference:

New to the 2019 conference, 6-page paper submissions will be reviewed double-blind, so submissions must be anonymized. The template files you will find in this repository have been updated from the template files from previous years reflecting this change to anonymized paper submissions.

The simplest way to download and use these templates is to click on the green Clone or download button at the right-hand side of this page above all the file names, and choose Download ZIP. Alternatively, you can use Git to clone this repository yourself.

Microsoft Word users: please note that the template files are in .dotx format, not .doc or .docx format. When you open one of the template files in Word, edit it and then save it, Word will ask you for a new filename and (by default) save your paper under that new filename in .docx format.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 15 Jan 2019: fixed a bug in cogsci.sty that apparently caused trouble in Overleaf. A minimal working example of using the LaTeX template in Overleaf for the 6-page submission format can be found at; in this example, cogsci_template.tex has been renamed main.tex and you are off to the races.