Domain Surface Settings

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This page documents the domain settings for the 'FLIP Fluid Surface' panel.


All parameters in this panel must be set before baking for changes in the simulation to take effect.

Subdivisions The level of detail of the generated surface mesh. This value is the number of times that the simulation grid cells are split. For example, a subdivision of 1 splits each grid cell into 2x2x2 blocks, and a subdivision of 2 splits each grid cell into 3x3x3 blocks. Higher subdivision levels result in a higher resolution mesh.
Particle Scale The particle scaling factor to use for mesh generation.
Compute Chunk Mode Specify how to choose the number of chunks to break up the surface generation computation into. Increasing this number may decrease mesh generation performance slightly, but will decrease the amount of RAM usage drastically for high resolution meshes.
    Automatically determine the number of compute chunks based on mesh grid dimensions.
    Manually set the number of compute chunks.
Smoothing Factor The amount of mesh smoothing when generating the surface mesh.
Smoothing Repetitions The number of smoothing repetitions.
Mesh Around Obstacles Generate surface mesh around obstacles by creating a smooth fluid-obstacle interface. If disabled, the surface mesh will be allowed to penetrate through obstacle surfaces.
Generate Motion Blur Vectors Generate fluid surface speed vectors for Cycles motion blur rendering. Rendering with motion blur enabled in Cycles may drastically increase render times. Additional notes on motion blur support can be found here.
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