Domain World Settings

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This page documents the domain settings for the 'FLIP Fluid World' panel.


All parameters in this panel must be set before baking for changes in the simulation to take effect.

World Size

Enable World Scaling Enable the domain to be scaled to a real world size.
World Size Scale the domain size to this value in meters. The longest side of the domain bounding box will be scaled to fit this value. This setting is only active if Enable World Scaling is enabled.


Gravity Mode The value of gravity that will be used in this simulation.
    Use the gravity vector defined in the Blender > Properties > Scene tab.
    Use a custom defined gravity vector.
Gravity Gravity vector value to use if Gravity Mode is set to Custom.


Enable Viscosity Enable the viscosity solver.
Viscosity The value of viscosity to use in this simulation. A higher viscosity value relates to a 'thicker' fluid.
TIP: The visual 'thickness' of the fluid is dependant on the size of the simulation domain. For example, a viscosity value may appear 'thick' in a small domain size, but if the same value is used in a larger domain, the fluid may appear visually 'thin'.

Boundary Friction

Friction Amount of friction on the domain boundary walls.
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