FLIP Fluids Beta Information and Resources

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This page will provide information, instructions, and resources on how to be a part of the FLIP Fluids beta testing team!

The beta testing phase will begin on February 13th! The first wave of invites have already been sent out. The second wave of invites will be sent out on February 22nd by 10:00am (GMT -8).

How do I become a FLIP Fluids beta tester?

To become a part of the FLIP Fluids beta, you will need to:

  1. Request a Beta Invite: Only a limited number of testing slots are available. To become a participant of the FLIP Fluids beta, you will need to receive an invite. NOTE: Applications are now closed.
  2. Run a Test Case: After receiving an invite, you will be required to run a test case before you receive a full version of the FLIP Fluids Beta addon for testing. A test case involves running a pre-defined simulation and will let us know that the simulator is running correctly on your computer.

Resources for Beta Testers

Once you have received a beta invite and have successfully ran a test case, you will be free to use and test the FLIP Fluids addon however you like. This section will include helpful resources and guides for how to use and test the addon.

Testing Scope

What areas of the application are considered valid for testing? At this moment everything is considered to be available for for testing. Here is a list of examples for what can be tested:

  • User Interface: Is the user interface working correctly? Are the settings/buttons/menus/panels ordered in an intuitive manner?
  • Simulator: Is the simulator behaving correctly? Are you encountering errors/crashes? Is the simulator producing unexpected results?
  • Documentation: Are any settings unclear? Are there any aspects the require more documentation? Are there any spelling/grammatical errors in the wiki documentation or user interface tooltips?

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