Guidelines for Feature Requests

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Notice: As of August 7th, 2018 there will be a hold placed on proposing feature requests. This hold will be lifted once we finish working through some of the current popular feature requests. Feature requests at this time will not be accepted. Thank you for your patience.

This document will detail guidelines on how to make a feature request for the FLIP Fluids addon. If you have an idea for a useful feature, or would like something changed within the addon, please let us know!

To make a feature request, you must contact us through the Blender Market messaging system.


The following guidelines will give you some tips for how to present a feature request to us. If your request does not adhere to the following guidelines, or you do not provide enough information, you may be asked to clarify some details or resubmit your request. If you have any questions on how to request a feature, please do not hesitate to ask us on the Blender Market or through email at flip.fluids[at]!

Avoid Duplicates

Before making a feature request, check the FLIP Fluids Issue Tracker on GitHub to make sure that your request does not already exist. Please check both open and closed feature requests. You may use this filter to view all feature requests that are open or closed.

If you are interested in a feature request that is already listed on the issue tracker, feel free to comment or react with a 'thumbs up' emoji! This will let us know what features are in demand and what we should begin to add next.

Be Descriptive

  • Describe your feature in detail. Let us know what the feature should do and how it would be useful to yourself and others. Describe the problem and how the feature could solve the problem.
  • Provide us with use case examples for what the feature can be used for.
  • Convince us why it would be a good choice to implement this feature. If the request is for a change in functionality of an existing feature, convince us why the change would improve the addon.
  • Have any ideas about how the feature should work? Let us know about any workflow ideas, or how the feature should be added to the interface.

Your feature may not be accepted

You may have an idea for a great feature, but there could be reasons why we would have to reject your request:

  • The feature may be outside of what is possible in Blender. The FLIP Fluids simulator is implemented as a Blender addon. As an addon, there may be certain limitations that would make the feature infeasible to implement.
  • The feature may be outside of what is possible in the simulator. The possibility of adding a certain feature may be limited by what can be done in the simulation engine or the FLIP simulation method.
  • The feature may be outside of the project scope. A feature may require too large of a change to the project for us to implement. The FLIP Fluids addon is managed by a small team with just a single programmer. Large or ambitious features may require too much time and resources for us to reasonably implement.
  • There may not be enough demand for the feature. The feature may help you in your project, but we may have to reject the request if the feature has too specific of a use case and would not be useful to others. The FLIP Fluids addon is full of functionality containing many settings and we would not want to further complicate the interface with additional buttons/parameters that we would not expect to be utilized by our users.
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