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Full stack, user based, PWA, Vue template.
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Welcome to Vueniverse!

Vueniverse is a full-stack JavaScript starter project. Some of the features that comes baked in include:
  • PWA by default, 100/100 lighthouse PWA score.
  • Universal es2015 JavaScript. No more context switching between client/server code!
  • A REST API, and full user authentication with JWT, Redis blacklisting, and MongoDB.
  • Client Side routing, Server Side Rendering and Global State Management thanks to Vuejs and Nuxtjs!
  • Abstracted WebPack build process.
  • Universal HMR for a clean development process, thanks to Nuxtjs and BackPack.
  • Ready for deployment with NOW

Live Demo It might take a while to load if it's asleep.

You must have vue-cli installed.

npm install -g vue-cli

Create Project

vue init rlindskog/vueniverse {{ your-project-name }}
cd {{ your-project-name }}
npm install

Start a MongoDB database locally

npm run start-db

Stop the MongoDB database locally

npm run stop-db

Run in development

npm run dev

Build for production

npm run build

Run in production (runs the database and application in a subprocess)

npm run start

Stop production running (stops the database and application)

npm run stop

Start a Redis database locally (use this if you chose the redis session option)


$ wget
$ tar xvzf redis-stable.tar.gz
$ cd redis-stable
$ make
$ # wait for it to install...
$ sudo cp src/redis-server /usr/local/bin/
$ sudo cp src/redis-cli /usr/local/bin/

Then run


Deploy with NOW

npm install -g now-cli

You will have to make a database else where, I recommend the Atlas free teir. When you do, paste the url to the DB_URL and a random SECRET variable to the secrets.json file.

Also, if you decided to use the Redis option instead of in-memory (highly recommended), then you will have to create a Redis session store else where as well. I recommend the Redis Labs free tier. Once you make your Redis session, add SESSION_HOST, SESSION_PORT, and SESSION_PASSWORD to the secrets.json file.

Then run...

npm run deploy

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to create an issue!


  • Create an admin interface! (currently working on)
  • Create a few more NPM convenience commands, such as "create-admin-user" and "create-app" (which would create an MVC folder in the API, and add a page on the admin interface).
  • vue-cli option to choose between PostgreSQL and MongoDB (MongoDB currently implemented)
  • vue-cli option to choose between AirBNB and Standard Linting Style.
  • vue-cli option to include unit/e2e tests.

Pull requests welcome!

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