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The tool is live and usable here

Use this repo for docs, issues, bugs and requests! Checkout the Wiki to interface with the generated docs.

About Hackend

We set up the necessary infrastructure to get you going with a Serverless Backend. Currently, Hackend only supports provisioning resources in AWS

Watch this video if you don't understand.

How does it work?

Hackend currently only works with AWS. Here's what happens after you click deploy:

  1. We deploy either a DynamoDB Table or S3 Blob based on your selection
  2. Deploy some boiler-plate code
  3. Creates REST Methods for your resources and pairs the generated AWS Lambda function. Deploys the API as a v1 stage

How much does it cost?

Hackend is free. Atleast for now, until it gets too expensive too maintain. Till then, enjoy :) Some coffee cash is always welcome.