Google Go language IDE built using the Intellij Platform. Released both an integrated IDE and as a standalone Intellij IDEA plugin
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Google Go language plugin for IntelliJ Idea

Google go language plugin is an attempt to build an outstanding IDE for Google Go language using Intellij IDEA.

What it does

  • Basic language parsing and highlighting
  • Code folding
  • Brace matching
  • Comment/Uncomment (Single/Multiple line) support
  • Go SDK (work with the latest release and on windows)
  • File type icon
  • Go application file and library generation.
  • Auto completion of sdk package names and/or local application packages.
  • Compilation of the go applications (supported semantics are similar to those of gobuild)
  • Go To definition (for types) works across files and Go SDK
  • Code formatting - experimental (disabled)
  • Type name completion
  • ColorsAndSettings page with a new color scheme
  • Automatically add new line at end of file
  • Force UTF-8 encoding for go files
  • Go module type
  • Go SDK indexing mode

How to use it

  • Download and install Intellij IDEA (Ultimate or Community edition).
  • Open the Plugins installation page: File -> Settings -> Plugins -> Available Plugins
  • Search for google go
  • Right click on the proper plugin and install
  • Download latest release of the Google Go language.
  • Build and install it.
  • Open IDEA and create an empty Java project.
  • Go to File -> Project Structure and select SDKs entry in the left column of the new window
  • Add a new Google Go SDK by clicking the plus sign an choosing the appropriate SDK type.
  • After the SDK is defined go to the Modules entry and add a new google facet to your default module. Select the proper sdk for the module.

Now you are ready to play with golang.



If you found a bug, please report it at the Google Go plugin project's tracker on GitHub:



If you want to contribute to this effort you should read the following page: how to contribute.