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Commits on Apr 30, 2013
  1. Added key property and code to load key from NSUserDefaults, but test…

    rlisle committed Apr 30, 2013
    … still fails because key hasn't been added to NSUserDefaults. Will create Settings.bundle next.
  2. Add failing test for loading weather key from NSUserDefaults. This is…

    rlisle committed Apr 30, 2013
    … an unusual test. Instead of doing a lot of mocking to verify that the user default is loaded, we will read it in the test to verify that the user has set the key (also). Then verify that the weather object loads it correctly.
  3. Implement code to pass 1st test. Also switched order to Application/L…

    rlisle committed Apr 30, 2013
    …ogic tests in scheme to display logic tests in console.
  4. Add description of intended operation prior to adding tests. Also cre…

    rlisle committed Apr 30, 2013
    …ate weather properties. 2 new failing tests.
  5. Add initial weather tests and notes regarding expected behavior. Thes…

    rlisle committed Apr 30, 2013
    …e will be converted to tests, and comments removed going forward.
Commits on Apr 29, 2013
  1. Add failing test for weather model object. Create template weather mo…

    rlisle committed Apr 29, 2013
    …del file and test case file.
  2. Implement setting background color. In this case, using the easier IB…

    rlisle committed Apr 29, 2013
    … method to set the background causes the test to fail due to floating point round-off errors when converting to 0-255 color values. So added code to viewDidLoad to set the color using floating point values. Tests pass, we'll refactor to make more readable next.
  3. Add failing test for background color. Since this is a UI thing, some…

    rlisle committed Apr 29, 2013
    … folks would not write a unit test for this. But I'm trying to TDD write a test before every code change.
  4. Edit HMFViewController.xib time label Attribes Inspector to change in…

    rlisle committed Apr 29, 2013
    …itial text from 'Label' to blank. Test now passes.
  5. Add failing test for time display NOT 'Label'. Using 'isNot' for now,…

    rlisle committed Apr 29, 2013
    … but may want to change the test later to look specifically for a blank value, but not sure at this point what is needed to match that, so use the 'not Label' for now.
  6. Add 1 line to fix failing time test. Time display should now be worki…

    rlisle committed Apr 29, 2013
    …ng, and upon running app it indeed is. There is a funky display of Label at start that we'll want to fix, so next we'll create a test that the time display is initially blank, not 'label'
  7. Implement code (1 line) to pass failing test. Next will need test for…

    rlisle committed Apr 29, 2013
    … handling of updateTimeString in view.
  8. Add failing test that presenter forwards updateTimeString to view. Ne…

    rlisle committed Apr 29, 2013
    …xt will implement code to pass test.
  9. Implemented tests to verify that timer passed by interactor to Presen…

    rlisle committed Apr 29, 2013
    …ter. Next need tests for Presenter passing time event to ViewController.
Commits on Apr 28, 2013
  1. Identify steps needed to create testTimeForwardedToPresenter. This te…

    rlisle committed Apr 28, 2013
    …st is a bit trickier, since we'll need to define the Presenters delegate in addition to the code that will be needed in the Interactor.
  2. Add failing test stub for testing that Time object updates Time displ…

    rlisle committed Apr 28, 2013
    …ay. This is very high level, and will be broken down into tests for smaller task steps.
  3. Implement code to fix update time string test. Refactor code to expos…

    rlisle committed Apr 28, 2013
    …e test 'seam'. Use test failure to come up with needed test time interval. More tests needed to verify time written to display.
Commits on Apr 27, 2013
  1. Implement code to pass failing test. Timer handler just a stub. We'll…

    rlisle committed Apr 27, 2013
    … move the timer property to a class extension later, for now it's public to let the tests access it.