Ultra-minimalist presentation minor-mode for Emacs org-mode.
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This is meant to be an extremely minimalist presentation tool for Emacs org-mode. Simply layout your presentation with each slide under a top-level header, start the minor mode with 'org-present', and page through each slide with left/right keys.


Most of the time I'm giving a talk, it is a work in progress and I want to be be able to edit as I go along. Also, to split my frame and work on code examples with my slides still visible.


Add something like this to your emacs config:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/path/to/org-present")
(autoload 'org-present "org-present" nil t)

Precise behaviour of org-present during start and quit is controlled from hooks. The following will enlarge text, show images, hide the cursor and make the buffer read-only:

(eval-after-load "org-present"
     (add-hook 'org-present-mode-hook
               (lambda ()
     (add-hook 'org-present-mode-quit-hook
               (lambda ()

Then start the minor mode with:

M-x org-present

Keys are:

  • left/right for movement
  • C-c C-= for large txt
  • C-c C-- for small text
  • C-c C-q for quit (which will return you back to vanilla org-mode)
  • C-c < and C-c > to jump to first/last slide


This works well with hide-mode-line, which hides the mode-line when only one frame and buffer are open.

If you're on a Mac with an older emacs you might also want to look at the fullscreen patch. toggle-frame-fullscreen comes with emacs 24.


Copyright © 2014 Richard Lister.