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Concatenate broccoli trees
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Concatenate trees into a single file.


var concat = require('broccoli-concat');

var concatenated = concat(sourceTree, {
  inputFiles: [
  outputFile: '/assets/app.css',
  separator: '\n', // (optional, defaults to \n)
  wrapInEval: true, // (optional, defaults to false)
  wrapInFunction: false, // (optional, defaults to true)
  header: '/** Copyright Acme Inc. 2014 **/', // (optional)
  footer: '/** END OF FILE **/' // (optional)


  • inputFiles - the order of files may be important to solve dependencies, globbing is also supported
  • separator - what to separate the files with, defaults to '\n'
  • wrapInEval - whether to wrap in eval for sourceURL, defaults to false as causes problems with global variables
  • wrapInFunction - whether to wrap output in self-invoking function when wrapping output in eval, defaults to true
  • header - string to prepend to beginning of combined file, separated from beginning of file contents by separator
  • footer - string to append to end of combined file, separated from end of file contents by seperator

Running Tests

npm install
npm test


This project is distributed under the MIT license.

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